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Laser power meters are important instruments when testing, building or repairing lasers. Here are a few laser power meters I build and sold. If you need a laser power meter or something related feel free to contact me, I also build custom LPM's or readouts.

5W Laser Power Meter based on an Ophir OEM Head.

This is a nice looking LPM I build and sold a while ago. I build it in a project box I had laying around. All the components were a perfect fit, the panel meter fitted perfectly in the tight space and with the batteries included the inside is nicely filled up. It uses 2 9V batteries to provide the ophir head with a symmetrical voltage, one of the batteries also powers the panel meter.

The finished LPM

the backside

The inside

simple 2W Laser Power Meter based on an Ophir OEM Head.

The Ophir OEM heads require a symemtrical power supply and have a simple 1V/W output. A panel meter can read this voltage directly, so a lpm doesn't have to be more complicated than that. I just made all the connections between the batteries, panel meter and ophir head and the power meter was finished

Testing the lpm without batteries

I sold this panel meter to a member of laserpointerforums.com, a review with videos can be found here

5W Ophir OEM readout circuit

I got a request to build a readout circuit for an Ophir OEM head similar to the 5W lpm I previsouly build. This is the same circuit. It uses 2 9V batteries for the symmetric power supply and one battery also powers the panel meter using a 7805 regulator. All the cables and the on/off switch are included, the only thing needed for a complete LPM is the Ophir OEM head and a box for the circuit.

The readout circuit

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