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Welcome to project.bluefan.nl, here I put all my optics and electronics projects
I will update this site in the coming weeks, most of it is already many years old and many exciting new projects have started. So stay tuned for more homebuilt lasers!
UHV setup
My first try to go beyond a high vacuum and reach an ultrahigh vacuum by using mainly CF components and doing a bakeout.
PID loop
Test equipment becomes much more useful when coordinated by a computer. Here's a PID loop consisting of a lab PSU and DMM
CW sidepumped YAG
Made completely from loose parts: a sidepumped CW Nd:YAG laser
DIY milling machine
Milling on the cheap: a milling machine made of 2 XY tables
Pulsed Nd:YAG laser
Building a pulsed Nd:YAG laser out of an old range finder
Tamron 28-105mm F2.8 repair
Repairing a Tamron DSLR lens
Repairing the attenuator assembly of a 54111D oscilloscope
Fixing the TEM02 mode problem of a 473nm DPSS module
Tektronix TAS 350 repair
Repairing a Tektronix TAS 350 oscilloscope
DIY laser power meter
My DIY laser power meters and Ophir OEM thermopile readouts.
HP8168D Repair
Repairing a HP 8168D tunable laser source that failed the selftest on motor 2

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